Julidochromis regani

Julidochromis regani is the largest of the Julidochromis species, growing over 5 inches in length. It’s elongated body and horizontal stripes make it appear as a dart or arrow shooting through the water. It is collected from many collection points and has different color variations, a few of which are remarkable.Julidochromis regani Nsumbu
This species of Julidochromis will do well with most other Tanganyikan cichlids and can certainly hold its own against Neolamprologus species such as brichardi. It would be a nice addition to a Tanganyikan community tank or would do well in a species tank. Like other Julidochromis species, they are easy to breed and should be purchased as juveniles in small groups so that they can pair off. Rocks and caves should be provided for cover. Julidochromis regani Kipili

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